22–24 May 2024

CEBA Connect: 2024 Spring Summit

Seneca Environmental will participate in the Clean Energy Buyers Association (CEBA) event CEBA Connect: 2024 Spring Summit, in Denver, Colorado.

CEBA’s Spring Summit is the premier convening for energy and sustainability professionals dedicated to advancing a carbon-free energy future. Join us and the rest of the CEBA community as we build common understanding of emerging market and policy trends and advance opportunities to scale clean energy to decarbonize the power sector.

At the event, Seneca Environmental Vice President Matt Renner and Business Operations Manager Hanna Sheridan will host a conversation session, Working with Tribal Suppliers on Clean Energy Procurement,” on Wednesday, May 22, 3:45–5:15pm MT.

The conversation will cover how engaging with tribally owned businesses provides interconnected benefits for corporate DEI goals and clean energy procurement. In our conversation, we will discuss the benefits as well as best practices for engaging with tribal suppliers in your company’s procurement process in order to advance climate justice.

Conversations at a previous CEBA Summit.