4 June 2024, 11am PT, 2pm ET: Virtual

Free Clean Energy Buyers Association (CEBA) Solutions Showcase

* Free webinar *

Unprecedented Collaboration: Engaging Tribally Owned Businesses in your Clean Energy Procurement Strategy

Today, companies have a new opportunity to amplify their DEI and renewable energy goals by engaging in unprecedented collaboration with tribally owned businesses on clean energy procurement. A direct path to increasing the impact you can make, working with a tribally owned business provides your company access to unique advantages conferred by the federal government, while directly supporting services for Native communities.

In this Clean Energy Buyers Association (CEBA) Solutions Showcase webinar, you’ll learn how your company can benefit from this unprecedented opportunity.

Hear from:

  • A leading tribally owned companies at the forefront of this unfolding, unique segment of the renewable energy industry
  • One of their corporate clients
  • A leading nonprofit offering no-cost capacity-building support to tribes

Join us to help create an equitable and profitable energy future!


  • Matt Renner, VP, Seneca Environmental
  • Hanna Sheridan, Business Operations Manager, Seneca Environmental
  • Peter Dahm, Sustainability Director of Operations and Natural Resources, Cargill
  • Chéri Smith, President & CEO, Alliance for Tribal Clean Energy