Team Member Profile

Wendy Huff

Management Committee Member, Seneca Holdings, and Senior Advisor, Seneca Environmental

Wendy is an enrolled Seneca, Bear Clan. Along with overseeing the activities of Seneca Holdings, Wendy supports the work of Seneca Environmental through engagement and relationship-building with other Native communities. Raised to honor the ancestors and their knowledge, and to contribute to family, community, and Nation, she was deeply affected as a young child by the U.S. breaking the 1794 Treaty of Canandaigua to construct the Kinzua Dam. Many years later, that experience led her to serve as Executive Director of the Kinzua Dam Relicensing Commission, overseeing the Seneca Nation’s stakeholder interests and competing application for the FERC licensing of the hydropower project at the dam. Wendy has also designed and developed services, symposia, and opportunities in the State University of New York system for Native students, staff, and faculty and served as Executive Director of Career Development for the Seneca Gaming Corporation. She was an elected member of the Seneca Nation of Indians’ Council from 1994 to 1998. Wendy has a BA in Economics and a Certificate in Creative Studies.

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