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The Seneca Environmental Certified Partnership Program

Seneca Environmental maintains a growing network of partners who embrace our mission and share our values. Our partners enable us to rapidly deploy at scale around the world.

Our Certified Partnership Program (CPP) identifies organizations that have committed to values-based collaboration, supporting the goals of Seneca Environmental, and whose specific products and/or services we have evaluated to be Earth-healing.

We stand behind the Earth-healing products and services of our partners.

Our Certified Partners


A certified Women Business Enterprise (WBE) offering services for companies developing or investing in energy projects throughout North America, including:

  • Services to select, initiate, execute, and manage energy projects throughout the development lifecycle.
  • Energy development management consulting, renewable energy project management.
  • Strategy and business development.
  • Tribal liaison services for projects impacting Native American lands and traditional cultural resources.

Colusa Indian Energy

A tribally owned corporation certified under the National Minority Supplier Diversity Council (NMSDC), with decades of experience in the energy industry.

  • Promoting tribal energy independence with specialties in identifying and applying for grant funding opportunities, turnkey EPC energy project services, and long-term operations.
  • Microgrid construction and operation, energy efficiency, and renewable energy.
  • Cogeneration for casinos, reservation housing, cannabis, and more.

Spartan Engineering

A Native-owned company providing expertise in engineering, design, project management, procurement, survey and construction management, with a wide range of consulting and advisory services to the energy and resource sector.

  • Engineering, design, and procurement.
  • Construction management.
  • Route selection, surveying, mapping.
  • Startup services.

Seneca Energy

A sister company of Seneca Environmental, owned and operated by the Seneca Nation, with the goal of alleviating energy dependency while reducing costs for Seneca Nation enrolled members.

  • Develops on-territory telecom, community solar, and wind projects, providing services, savings, and direct revenues for the 4,000+ Senecas living on Seneca territory.
  • The Allegany Solar Project has generated over 8M kWh to date.
  • The Seneca Energy Wind Project has generated over 15M kWh to date.
Seneca Solar Certified Partnership Program

Seneca Energy’s Allegany Solar Project

Alternative Energy Development Group (AEDG)

Helping commercial-scale clients reduce their energy demand, reduce their energy supply costs, and become more sustainable and resilient.

  • Develops, finances, owns, and operates commercial & industrial and small utility-scale clean energy projects: solar, energy storage, energy efficiency, and more.
  • 67 MW developed; 2570 GWh contracted.
  • $122M assets managed.
  • 115 projects in 23 states, with 18 utilities.
Seneca Solar Certified Partnership Program

A 494.16 kW Alternative Energy Development Group project in Springfield, Vermont

Drawdown Labs

Project Drawdown’s private-sector testing ground for accelerating the scaling of climate solutions quickly, safely, and equitably.

  • Leverages the organization’s world-class research and analysis to experiment with collaborative ways to address climate change at unprecedented scale.
  • Offers the world a more expansive vision for private-sector climate leadership.
  • Provides its partners with the tools, forums, and expertise to more effectively work across sectors on ambitious climate action.

Zero Emissions Advisors

Combining a passion for technology, a drive to facilitate meaningful change, and a commitment to doing what is right.

  • Project management and investment analysis experts helping governments and commercial partners transform how they use energy.
  • As trusted advocates, eliminate technology and vendor bias in favor of doing what is technically and commercially sensible.
  • Projects include charging and fueling infrastructure, fleet electrification (including watercraft), and green hydrogen.

Dimensional Energy

Working to transition the world’s most energy-intensive industries to zero-emissions operations by 2050, Dimensional Energy gives corporations an energy solution that allows them to do the right thing and stay in business.

  • Dimensional Energy’s cost-effective fuels and chemicals are made from CO2 with direct sunlight, not grid power.
  • With Dimensional Energy’s carbon utilization platform, energy-intensive industries can chart a course to a carbon-neutral, zero-emissions economy.


An Indigenous owned and operated company offering clients across a wide range of industry sectors throughout Australia a range of customized solutions to meet their individual requirements.

  • Project management and engineering experience and expertise
  • Successful Indigenous contractor operating in a diversified range of industries
  • Building capacity within Indigenous civil contracting sector through training Indigenous operators and engaging Indigenous contractors

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To deliver projects at any scale, we partner with trusted companies who embrace our mission and share our values. Partnership and collaboration are core to our vision.

We see an opportunity for unprecedented collaboration between the renewable energy sector and Native enterprise — in the U.S. and around the world — to bring Earth-healing solutions to scale, for the benefit of historically underserved communities and all future generations.

We stand behind our partners’ products and services as Earth-healing solutions. These products and services must have a neutral or negative lifetime greenhouse gas footprint, must be neutral or positive in impacting biodiversity, and must be working toward a circular or zero-waste product lifecycle.

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