Solar panels installed on Seneca Nation land provide innovative renewable energy solutions

CEBA Member Highlight: Seneca Environmental

Creating Unprecedented Collaboration to Address the Climate Crisis and Benefit Historically Underserved Communities

The climate crisis requires unprecedented collaboration. We see an opportunity for that collaboration amongst the clean energy sector, the corporate world, and tribally owned enterprises to bring Earth-healing solutions to scale, for the benefit of historically underserved communities and all future generations. Seneca Environmental is a renewable energy developer and climate consultancy that is wholly owned by the Seneca Nation. Our work to develop, own, and operate clean energy projects around the U.S. will produce long-term, sustainable revenue for the Nation. In addition, our approach to developing clean energy projects focuses on providing Earth-healing solutions, embedding climate justice, and doing the most good possible — goals that are thoroughly aligned with the Beyond the Megawatt principles of environmental sustainability, equity, and resilience.

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