CHERP solar factory

Solar Builder: Circular economy vision of CHERP

CHERP Solar Works is a nonprofit helping to build micro solar factories for nonprofit organizations in underserved communities across America. Last year, Seneca Solar hosted a webinar on CHERP solar factories. The webinar covered CHERP’s work to fulfill their mission of extending the reach of renewable energy to underserved communities, create green-sector jobs, stimulate local economies, pursue environmental justice, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

This Solar Builder article covers the latest on CHERP, including their plans to develop CHERP solar factories for underserved communities across the U.S. Seneca Solar has been exploring the feasibility of building a solar factory on Seneca Nation lands.

“This opportunity fits our mission to profitably and equitably deliver innovative renewable energy solutions that heal the Earth by investing in and building meaningful projects that benefit current and future generations,” says Hanna Sheridan, a member of the Seneca Nation, Bear Clan, and business operations manage for Seneca Solar. “We are excited by this partnership and our work to showcase the importance of renewable energy projects on Native lands.”

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